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EasyUI1.2.5 assignment problem in Numberbox

The original application has been developed with EasyUI1.2.4, recent tests found value Numberbox components are submitted to 0, so the view js code found on numberbox assignment code is as follows:


EasyUI1.2.4 using the code assigned to numberbox success, and can be submitted to the background save, EasyUI1.2.5 not use this assignment method setValue assignment, the modified code as follows:


EasyUI Datagrid component getFooterRows method of using the tutorial

The total amount of the project need to obtain aggregated footer, so check EasyUI the datagrid documents found getFooterRows method is used to obtain the footer, then write the following code:
var footers=$('#grid').datagrid('getFooterRows');
var sum=footers.Sum_Money;

But prompted footers.Sum_Money undefined undefined, online search under relevant information, there is no suitable answer, view the source code and found getFooterRows returns an array of all footer, even though only one here in my footer, it will still return an array so try to alert the next footers.length findings suggest that length is 1, then modify the code as follows:

var footers=$('#grid').datagrid('getFooterRows');
var sum=footers[0].Sum_Money;